Longevity Wisdom

Longevity Wisdom

To live long and longer requires an understanding of longevity wisdom. Your Creator has given you built-in body wisdom to keep you forever young and healthy. Essentially, it is an innate awareness of not only the basic needs of your body, but also all the signs and signals by which your body warns you of what is wrong with you.

To attain longevity wisdom and live to 100 and beyond, you need a new level of consciousness to create a new world in which the biochemistry of your body becomes the substance of awareness of your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. That awareness begins with intent, which is a desire to live long; intent enhances your attention to the needs of your body. So, invoke and embrace that body wisdom in order to keep yourself disease-free.

Your body wisdom is no more than your everyday eating and living habits. Eating is a science, and living is an art—the art of living well. They complement each other, just as the yin and the yang do. Together, they constitute longevity wisdom. Such wisdom has accumulated from counsel of the sage on calorie restriction, ancient longevity wisdom from the Orient, and recommendations of contemporary anti-aging health experts.

You constitution is not much different from that of your ancestors thousands of years ago. Therefore, the longevity wisdom in yesteryears is still relevant to the anti-aging living today. Nowadays, anti-aging living to 100 years is no longer a rare phenomenon. The number of centenarians is forever growing. Thanks to science and accumulation of the wisdom throughout the ages, anti-aging living to 100 years and beyond is easily within your grasp.

Get longevity wisdom, and be one of the centenarians.

Stephen Lau

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